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Capri by Fraser Shenzhen is located in the two beautiful country scene of Yantian, adjacent to the famous Dameisha and Xiaomeisha seaside resort, Forest Park and the eastern overseas Chinese town, the blue sea, the golden sand, the green hills, and the green water, which meet the slow pace of life.
The south of the apartment is located in the Great Bay Bay sea view and the eastern coastal plank road, and the North Scenic Spot Wutong Mountain Forest Park. Living here, standing on the spacious balcony, you can see the sun and Moon tides of the Dapeng Bay sea view. It is close to the big and small Meisha seaside resorts, so that you can experience different seaside scenery.
There are family suites (sea view and mountain view) specially designed for family travel, with super large space, kitchens, luxurious facilities, and close to the theme park with children's entertainment facilities, so that you can enjoy the warm time.
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FAQs when booking at Capri by Fraser Shenzhen
  • How far is the hotel from Baoan International Airport?

    Capri by Fraser Shenzhen is 45.5km from the airport.

  • Does Capri by Fraser Shenzhen offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Capri by Fraser Shenzhen?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Capri by Fraser Shenzhen.

  • Does Capri by Fraser Shenzhen have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Capri by Fraser Shenzhen have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Capri by Fraser Shenzhen offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Capri by Fraser Shenzhen accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Capri by Fraser Shenzhen accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Capri by Fraser Shenzhen?

    Each costs cny88 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Capri by Fraser Shenzhen?

    The room prices is from cny748, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

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  • mm1101708233
    Very good for the self driving family! There are big parking lots, but the parking charge system is rubbish. The hotel room is clean, the roof swimming pool is clocked in, the breakfast is very good, there are many varieties, and the taste is good! I don't want to go
  • m00124148
    Very good service attitude
  • cristelfeng
    Cabelli should have lived for no less than 10 times. This time, she chose the sea view room, 42nd floor. The view from the balcony is very good (the photos are taken casually on the balcony), but the dock is noisy at night. Living Kai B.Free strongly advised not to balcony to Wutong Mountain, the factory downstairs is too noisy, very affecting sleep!!! Breakfast was terrible during the epidemic, but it was understandable. Overall, it's worth it.
  • fan2109068
    The room is big and clean. The surrounding commercial facilities are also very complete. Starbucks alone has two. There's everything in the mall. There's a convenience store downstairs. The weather in Shenzhen is also very good this time. Unfortunately, I don't have time. Otherwise, I can go to the seaside plank road behind the hotel for a walk. The swimming pool on the top floor is the point where you have to punch in.
  • bccanada
    My girlfriend likes the hotel swimming pool very much, thank you
  • e01925562
    The sea view and swimming pool in the room are wonderful. My daughter-in-law likes it very much.
  • dsosm
    Invincible sea view, but the window is a little small
  • loyal_ren
    Breakfast hygiene and taste need to be strengthened!
  • simon51688
    Yes, I think it's safe
  • jjewel
    Finally realized a free upgrade, happy? ˉ ? ˉ)?? ° thank Sam for his warm reception. The presentation was very serious. He also added a member. It is said that he can score points. The view of the swimming pool is beautiful! fabulous???? It's worth recommending (PS: it's said that you can only take a chance to upgrade for free)
  • coldcold
    The landscape is first-class, the breakfast is very good, the place for breakfast is on the top floor, the products are rich, and the environment is first-class! Unfortunately, the house price is too expensive, which exceeds the housing standard for business travel.
  • cl5184967
    The environment of the hotel is very good. It's close to the seaside. There's a swimming pool on the top of the building. It's very suitable for taking care of children. I made a reservation during the Chinese New Year. The security is very good. The hotel has a parking lot.
  • juan0621
    Very good seats, convenient accommodation and service
  • aaaeee000
    Breakfast is good. The swimming pool is the selling point. The indoor hygiene is general. That's all
  • tiantianxiao50
    The environment is very good, and the buffet taste is also OK. Except for the cowboy bone, the chicken soup is very good, and the infinity swimming pool in the hotel takes a good picture, but it's a little small
  • lungtien
    Great hotel. Check in is handled very quickly. The scenery of the sea view room is really beautiful. You can enjoy the sea and the island on the balcony. There is also a shopping mall around the hotel, which is very convenient to eat. There is a seaside plank road next to the hotel, which is very suitable for taking a walk and watching the scenery. My mood is relaxed. The best thing is the boundless swimming pool on the roof of the hotel, which is definitely a popular scenic spot. It's really recommended. It's very suitable for family travel on weekends!
  • e02537246
    When I arrived at the hotel in a hurry, the front desk attendant joy was smiling and had reserved a quiet room on a high floor for me. He was even more enthusiastic in communicating with me. I said to the waiter, 'since I entered the hall, your smile has warmed me and made me feel comfortable here.' I gave 4 points of high praise and put forward in detail the problems of hot water in guest rooms and unstable WiFi. I also thank joy for giving me the check-in experience. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you.
  • lx7100
    I can't sleep. The elevator is too noisy. It's the loudest hotel I live in
  • Dyson
    I feel very good?? The morning passed very early, and there were more people after 10:30. Earlier, the whole pool is yours??, The water is clean. I went to Zhongying street when there were too many people. It was very good. My boyfriend always shines on the edge, and the guardrail outside has been repaired by me. It's a good way to repair the boundless swimming pool in my heart. The front desk attitude is very good. This time, I went out to play impromptu. The night passed, and I called to confirm the information immediately.
  • apprentice1983
    I feel great. It's especially suitable for business accommodation. The service of the hotel is very good and the breakfast is great. It's quiet at night, at least no one will disturb. The location of the hotel is also good
  • mitas
    Good environmental sanitation,
  • m04810339
    Yes, it's hygienic. The transportation is not convenient.
  • catw1234
    Breakfast was good, the service was ok, there was a shopping mall nearby, the location was good, I liked it
  • mollynavy
    It's still quite suitable for young couples on vacation
  • cxd666768
    The hotel is close to Zhongying street and shopping is convenient. Very quiet, classy.
  • monianxiaosan
    Great, convenient and comfortable
  • e00061053
    The swimming pool is very beautiful. There are a lot fewer people at ordinary times. It is a good resort. The little sister Karen at the front desk is very good. She patiently introduces me to the fun and delicious food nearby. She will also choose this hotel next time she comes here
  • maobaican
    There's nothing to say, just good, quiet.
  • baimin1214
    The service is not as good as before
  • angelwu
    The view on the top floor is good. I checked in several times and the service was good. Thank you for the service of Sam, the little brother at the front desk. I helped adjust the house type. The room is very clean and comfortable.
  • denisandy
    Good, good service attitude
  • e00007095
    The room is very small.
  • frsouljade
    This apartment is cost-effective and worth going again!
  • Mr. Y
    Help Friends Book The swimming pool on the roof, which is close to my house. It's very suitable for taking photos
  • euan329
    Bad comments accidentally broke a plate at dinner! The waiter charged fifty dollars! What plate is so expensive!
    I originally ordered the most ordinary room. Maybe it was because I stayed late and took my children with me. The receptionist helped me upgrade a room with one room and one living room and a deluxe big bed room. It was really very good. The room is very large, the sanitation is very good, and there are all kinds of electrical appliances and cooking utensils, which are really complete. The bathroom and bathroom are very big. It's a bit of a waste of space. Breakfast is on the 45th floor, where there is a swimming pool, but because of the cold weather, there is no swimming. There are not many kinds of breakfast. I really hope it can be improved. The rest are impeccable. I will choose it next time I come to Shenzhen.
  • people1
    The main swimming pool is the boundless swimming pool. In November, the water began to get a little cold at 4 p.m., so no one swam with me. I enjoyed the swimming pool only at 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. the next day. The ordinary big bed room is relatively small, so it's better to choose a bigger one. The sea view plank road is very enjoyable. There's a shopping mall 10 minutes away. In retrospect, there's a hot pot shop, which is very comfortable
  • easy0623
    The hotel is very quiet and suitable for relaxing. The pool scenery is very beautiful. The little sister Karen and Amy at the front desk are very nice. There is a seaside plank road nearby, which is suitable for taking a walk after eating. There is a Yihai city nearby. Near the fun of the size of Meisha, the eastern OCT, Zhongying street.
  • cdassessor
    The hotel is very beautiful. I especially like the boundless swimming pool. The service is also very good and considerate. All problems can be solved by one phone
  • elisamin
    It's great. The breakfast is very good. The overall atmosphere of the room is very comfortable. I'm very satisfied with all aspects of the toiletries. I'll choose here for next reservation.
  • JamesMWang
    The location is average. It's convenient to drive by yourself. There's a parking lot. The environment is OK and the room is very big. It's nice to take a bath in the sea view bathroom.
  • ciccaronema
    Not bad. The swimming pool is OK
  • anysong6666
    Good, good
  • AresSong
    I asked for the bathtub. Who knows if the bathtub leaks
  • samyang
    It's very cost-effective to check in during the Spring Festival
  • freefly
    Nice, quiet place
  • edison8811
    Very good. I like it very much
  • clotbb
    It feels good. The bed in the room is very comfortable. All kinds of facilities are perfect. The hotel front desk service attitude is very good, check-in and check-out efficiency is very high. The breakfast in the hotel is also very good.
  • doxpeter
    The breakfast is as good as ever, the dishes are complete, the room is spacious, bright and clean, and it is a necessary place to stay on business. This time, we brought children and the elderly to the hotel, which was highly praised. However, we should give a small suggestion to the hotel and ask the room to be equipped with a folding clothes hanger!
  • jeanne0205
    The hotel makes people outside feel the feeling of returning home. The waiter and Sam at the front desk of the hotel are warm and considerate. They will communicate with me about room facilities and help me transfer to a higher floor. They are very happy. They are high into the sky, luxurious and magnificent. They look chic and classic. Whenever night falls, street lights and other lights from other floors, It's like watching the light show. It's peaceful and comfortable. The hotel environment is clean, elegant and emotional. There's also the thoughtful and complete all-weather service. The service of Miss Joy at the front desk is considerate and very comfortable. It also helps guide what interesting and delicious routes are nearby. No matter big or small, they are so impeccable, and the price is also very reasonable. The environment is beautiful, the geographical location is good, the transportation is convenient, the room is comfortable and hygienic, the service personnel are very friendly, willing to provide all kinds of help, and the breakfast is rich. The facilities are very user-friendly, the network high-speed signal is good, and the scenery outside the window is good. The design of small furnishings in the room is also very distinctive. Good cost performance. I'll check in next time!
  • yiyi1512
    Stay in this hotel all the time
  • jjllpp33
    six million six hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-six
  • e02285353
    Swimming pool attraction only
  • AutumnLavender
    I stayed for 7 days, but I didn't go to the swimming pool to take photos. But the swimming pool was always open. I went to the hotel in the off-season, and there was no one. It felt like I had packed the whole hotel
  • leon_beijing
    It's very suitable for a holiday. It's very quiet. The view of the pool is wonderful, but it's smaller. It's too cold to go into the water in this season. Next time when it's hot, let's make an appointment with three or five friends. Karen, the little sister at the front desk, has a good service.
  • ai164898477
    I went to his wanghong swimming pool. The room was really small. Compared with the room price, the cost performance was not very high, but the service was very good.
  • bigpanada
    I saw on the Internet that it was wanghong Sea View Hotel, which came for the boundless swimming pool. I was not disappointed. Everything was very good. When I arrived at the hotel, I wanted to change the room type. Because the time had passed, the front desk attendant also prompted me how to handle it. In addition to the endless swimming pool on the roof of the net red building, it also faces Hong Kong across the river. Of course, the hotel food is also very good. I have the opportunity to stay for a few more days in the future
  • myours
    It's not bad, is it
  • yang1813
    Parking is free, breakfast is good, there is a gym and swimming pool, but it's not constant temperature. The floor is very high, the scenery is good, and the health is passable.
  • cxg777
    The pool is smaller than you think, but the scenery and photos are beautiful! But there is nothing to eat near the hotel. The traffic is not very convenient. Breakfast was just the same. But the facilities and environment in the room are very complete, and the living is very comfortable??
  • babyoscar
    The living environment is better. The swimming pool is a little small
  • eaglejinjun
    Good, good.
  • bilaifu
    Nice sea view
  • oaomimi
    Net red hotel, sincere general, not worth the money
  • meigaoxi
    Breakfast is OK, the room is a little small, the price is a little expensive
  • xiaojding
    The high praise gave us a room with a bathtub. The scenery is really good. We went to the swimming pool to take photos in the evening. The next morning we had breakfast and went to work. There is also a parking lot, which is very convenient
  • arestar
    The room is pretty good. There are many kinds of breakfast. It's terrible to have too many villains in the swimming pool... Generally speaking, it's good!! Stay again when you have a chance
  • babyleaf719
    Needless to say, one of the three best high-end hotels in Sha Tau Kok, the swimming pool, gym and restaurant are all on the 45th floor, with an invincible sea view. The biggest feature is the swimming pool on the 45th floor, which is unmatched by other hotels. The disadvantages of parking space but not convenient, not as good as the other two. Suitable for lovers to travel, especially those who like to take photos and swim.
  • weber
    As always.
  • anjinganna
    The air conditioner is very noisy all night, which affects sleep. The sound insulation of the room is poor. You can hear the voice clearly from more than ten meters away. You think you haven't closed the door??
  • Ma.Jun
    The pool is great and breakfast is OK
  • caimao
    It's great?? Hotel, highly recommended, cost-effective. I went to the swimming pool, but I didn't know much about the room type, so I went to the front desk to ask. Kevin, the front desk staff, was very enthusiastic and gave us a smile service. Nice. He recommended the classic sea view room of the hotel suite. The room space is very large. You can feel it when you enter the door. There are sofas, kitchens, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and a sea view bathtub, It's very comfortable to lie down. The place for breakfast is on the top floor, with beautiful scenery, mountains and sea. The buffet breakfast is also very rich. The most attractive is the swimming pool, without a filter, a shot is a large. The figures are as follows
  • yan710203
    The sea view of the hotel is very good, the breakfast is also rich, and the infinity swimming pool on the top floor is the most popular, which can be regarded as a scenic spot. When I checked in, I had to wait in line for a long time. There were only two people at the front desk to check in and check out. I can see that this hotel is very popular now
  • menying601
    The environment is really good
  • e00135356
    It's good. It's worth it. I'll come again next time
    One of the best hotels to stay in
    The swimming pool and gym are under repair, so there are no facilities to use